St. Patrick’s offers an exciting curriculum that meets the requirements of the Secondary National Curriculum (11-19) and takes advantage of the increased flexibility it provides so that, through personalised learning, all learners may achieve their full potential and develop the skills and qualities to enable them to take their place as productive citizens in an ever-changing world.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum enables students to develop academic and social skills through an integrated, competency-based approach to learning. It incorporates the use of collapsed timetable days and enrichment activities to develop broader aspects such as enterprise and health awareness and to deliver aspirational activities such as visits to Higher Education institutions.

The subjects pupils study at key stage 3 are; English, Maths, Science, RE, Geography, History, French, Art, Music, PSHE, Food, Textiles, Engineering, IT and PE.

The Key Stage 4 curriculum offers flexible, courses and pathways which meet the needs and abilities of all learners. All students will follow the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, PE and Religious Education. They will also have a choice of other courses including GCSEs, Vocational subjects and Foundation Learning courses. The College aims to help students prepare for higher education in an environment where personal development, academic focus and the social aspects of learning all combine.

The option subjects that are offered to pupils at key stage 4 include; GCSEs in Geography, History, French, Computer Science, Art, Food, Textiles, and Vocational Courses in Engineering, Creative I-Media, Sport, Health and Social care, Music, and Performing Arts.


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Curriculum Overview 2023/24