We are delighted to present an overview of our school’s dynamic and comprehensive Careers Programme, designed to empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and guidance they need to make informed decisions about their future pathways.

At St Patrick’s, we recognize the crucial role that career exploration plays in shaping a student’s educational journey and life beyond. Our Careers Programme is driven by a commitment to fostering curiosity, instilling confidence, and providing a foundation for successful future endeavours.

St Patrick’s School works with the Careers and Enterprise Company, the external organisation that supports schools to ensure they are following the DFEs newly devised Careers Strategy.

As an education establishment we ensure we use the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks as a foundation when planning our Careers Strategy. The effectiveness of our provision is inspected and audited by the Careers and Enterprise Company using the Compass Careers Benchmark Tool. This tool is used by schools and colleges in England to support the analysis and evaluation of careers activity against the eight benchmarks of best practice (known as the Gatsby Benchmarks).

The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework of eight guidelines that set out good practice in career guidance for schools in England. These benchmarks were developed by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation to help schools provide a high-quality careers education and guidance to their students. Here are the eight Gatsby Benchmarks and key objectives associated with each:

  1. A Stable Careers Programme:
    • Objective: Develop and implement a comprehensive careers program that is embedded in the school’s curriculum and is regularly reviewed and evaluated.
  2. Learning from Career and Labour Market Information:
    • Objective: Provide students with access to up-to-date information about careers and labor market trends to help them make informed decisions about their future.
  3. Addressing the Needs of Each Pupil:
    • Objective: Ensure that career guidance is tailored to the individual needs and aspirations of each student, taking into account their interests, skills, and potential barriers.
  4. Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers:
    • Objective: Help students understand how their academic studies relate to future career opportunities and provide opportunities for them to apply their learning in real-world contexts.
  5. Encounters with Employers and Employees:
    • Objective: Arrange for students to have direct exposure to the world of work through encounters with employers, workplace visits, and interactions with employees.
  6. Experiences of Workplaces:
    • Objective: Provide students with meaningful experiences of workplaces, such as work placements, internships, and other forms of work-related learning.
  7. Encounters with Further and Higher Education:
    • Objective: Ensure that students have opportunities to explore and understand the full range of options available to them after leaving school, including further education, higher education, and vocational pathways.
  8. Personal Guidance:
    • Objective: Offer every student the opportunity to receive individual, impartial guidance from a qualified careers advisor to help them make informed decisions about their education and career choices.

Schools are encouraged to work towards achieving all eight benchmarks to provide a comprehensive and effective careers program for their students. Each benchmark contributes to the overall goal of preparing students for successful transitions into the world of work and further education.

  1. Career Exploration Workshops: Regular workshops will be conducted to expose students to a diverse range of career options, industry trends, and the skills required for success in different fields.
  2. Guest Speaker Series: Professionals and experts from various industries will share their experiences, providing students with real-world insights and inspiration.
  3. Internship and Shadowing Opportunities: Our partnerships with local businesses and organizations will offer students the chance to gain hands-on experience of the world of work helping them bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  4. College and University Guidance: Tailored guidance and support will be provided to students as they navigate the college and university application process, ensuring they make choices aligned with their aspirations and goals.
  5. Personalized Guidance: Our dedicated career advisers will work closely with students, offering personalized guidance to address individual needs, concerns, and aspirations.

Lisa Hegarty – Head of Careers:

Mrs L Hegarty
Tel: 07944 917446
Email: [email protected]

Careers Leader Information:

Dr S McGravey
Tel: 01642 613327
Email: [email protected]

Careers Advisor Information:

Miss Z Bellamy
Tel: 07442816210
Email: [email protected]