As a Catholic faith community, Thornaby was first noted to have a chapel as early as 1868 and in 1871 a priest was appointed to the area. Father Carlile acquired a disused dance hall to say Mass and started the first school in two rooms of an old inn with 45 children attending for education. He built the first official school in Westbury Street in 1872 along with the Church. The Parish was named St Patrick’s and Father Gerard Shanahan served for 34 years taking the Parish and schools into the 20th century. St Patrick’s School was opened in 1930 and our current secondary school building was opened in 1964 with the former Westbury Street school remodelled to be a Junior School. 


The school was initially built for 300 pupils aged 11-16. The building of the new school commenced in June 1963 and the building contract was cut by almost two months to permit the children to occupy the premises in the Autumn Term of 1964. We have been serving the people of Thornaby for 150 years and are very proud of our incredible legacy as a Catholic Community here in Thornaby.