As a Catholic school, St Patrick’s Catholic College is committed to enriching the lives of all its students by closely following the example set for us by the life of Jesus Christ. The values we follow are the Gospel values of seeking God’s kingdom by loving God and loving neighbour. The school is committed to serving all members of its community through respecting the basic value that each of us is unique with a divine origin and destiny, and is known to and loved by God.

In addition, we also recognise that as British citizens we are also committed to a very clear set of rights, responsibilities and values otherwise referred to as ‘British Values’. The government places the responsibility on all schools to promote the ‘fundamental British values’ of:

  • Democracy
  • Rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those with different faiths

We promote these values in the following ways:

Strong whole school ethos.
Weekly assemblies celebrating our Christian ethos and delivering other key messages.
Promotion by governors of equal opportunities.
Successful integration of students from a variety of countries into our community.
Strong pastoral structure with weekly ‘thought for the week’ theme. Each theme for the week requires students to reflect. This explicitly promotes the understanding of different cultures and beliefs and care for those less fortunate than ourselves.
Pupil Voice Board – each year group has a broad of students to comment on T&L; H&S and general pupil comments to help us improve the school experiences for all our young people.
Extensive programme of charitable events and fundraising organised and led by the student body.
Enrichment programme including visits in Britain and abroad.
Rewarding positive and desirable behaviour through the school rewards system.
Strong and coherent behaviour and anti-bullying policies.
Students plan community and charitable events in all year group.
Teaching ‘Prevent’ schemes of work through our Religious Education curriculum.
We are part of a wider Catholic Parish Community which recognises very clearly our responsibility to others through our commitment to the disadvantaged and our senior citizens.

The school is fully committed to developing the whole child and enabling all our students to be able to contribute fully to the society in which they live.