Senior Leadership Team

Name Role
Mr M Burns Executive Headteacher
Miss D Law Headteacher
Mrs S Mitchinson Trust Vulnerable Learners Lead, Acting SENDCo
Mr L Larkin Assistant Headteacher
Dr S McGravey Assistant Headteacher
Mrs M Dixon Assistant Headteacher
Miss P Birtle Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr C Dixon Associate Assistant Headteacher


Pastoral Staff

Name Role
Mr D Hopson Pupil Engagement Officer for Year 7
Mrs M Miller Pupil Engagement Officer for Year 8 & Year 9
Miss L Walton Pupil Engagement Officer for Year 10
Mr D Irvine Pupil Engagement Officer for Year 11
Mrs G Evans Safeguarding Officer
Mrs J Wardell-Appleton First Day Caller
Miss A Seed Attendance Officer


Mathematics Staff

Name Role
Miss E Brooksbank Trust Director of Mathematics
Mrs A Wicks Curriculum Leader of Mathematics
Mrs G Pooni Second in Mathematics
Mrs R Rhodes Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs K Leach Teacher of Mathematics


English Staff

Name Role
Miss L Gavaghan Trust Director of English
Mrs R Willis Curriculum Leader of English
Mrs K Ince School Practitioner in English
Miss K Holdsworth School Practitioner in English
Mrs E Wass Teacher of English
Miss P Birtle Teacher of English


Science Staff

Name Role
Mr C Dixon Curriculum Leader of Science
Miss M Duffy Teacher of Science
Dr S McGravey Teacher of Science
Mr S Bell Teacher of Science
Mrs M Azeem Teacher of Science
Miss L Roberts Science Technician


Religious Education Staff

Name Role
Mrs C Handley Curriculum Leader of Religious Education
Mrs J Hardman Teacher of Religious Education
Mr L Larkin Teacher of Religious Studies
Mrs A Fisk Chaplaincy Coordinator


Geography Staff

Name Role
Mr C Glynn Teacher of Geography


History Staff

Name Role
Mr Ian Stubbs Curriculum Leader of History
Mr S Ayton Teacher of History


Physical Education Staff

Name Role
Mr M Dickenson Curriculum Leader of Physical Education
Miss V Gunn Teacher of Physical Education


Modern Foreign Languages Staff

Name Role
Mrs R Heer Trust Director of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs L Williams Curriculum Leader of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs N McKee Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages


Technology Staff

Name Role
Mrs C Greathead Curriculum Leader of Technology
Mr D Hill Teacher of Technology
Miss B Devlin Technology Technician
Mr D Dowle Technology Technician


Music Staff

Name Role
Mr D Mackin Teacher of Music


Art Staff

Name Role
Mrs E Connorton-Painton Teacher of Art


Computing Staff

Name Role
Mr A Horton Teacher of Computing


Administration Staff

Name Role
Mrs W Kendal Trust Business Leader
Mrs L Mallory Finance Assistant
Mrs K Dorsi Trust Business Support Officer
Mrs J Benfield Trust Business Support Assistant
Mrs H Iqbal Trust Business Support Assistant
Miss C Turner Exams & Data Officer
Mrs T Porter Reprographics


SEND Staff

Name Role
Mrs S Mitchinson Acting SENDCo
Mrs P Dixon Learning Support Assistant
Miss S Angel Learning Support Assistant
Mrs F Kiran Learning Support Assistant


Support Staff

Name Role
Mr T Carr Cover Supervisor
Mrs J Degnan Cover Supervisor
Miss K Angel Site Operative
Mr S Roberts Site Operative