NPCAT REACH is a rewards programme that will enable pupils to develop the skills and attributes required to reach their full potential. By focusing on five key areas in our curriculum,  our extra-curricular provision and pupils’ own experiences we will foster pupils who are confident, socially responsible, healthy and resilient.

The five key areas of REACH are:

Reading Experiencing Articulating CatholicLife and Helping.

Our intent is to have all Key Stage 3 pupils, and in future Key Stage 4 pupils, to work towards their bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards, gaining an understanding of the importance of each of the five areas and how they will prepare them for a happy and successful life.

Each pupil is given a log book to track their progress towards their awards and they will share their success with their tutor on a half-termly basis. At the end of each term, pupils who have completed all challenges within an award will be awarded a PIN badge to acknowledge their achievement, which they will wear with pride!


NPCAT Reach Logbook. Please click the picture.