Careers Education in the Wider Curriculum

Careers education in St Patrick’s is delivered in a number of different ways.  To ensure that all students receive high quality Careers Education it is delivered as part of our PSHE programme.  We also utilise Tutor time and year group assemblies in order for students to complete enterprise projects and have the opportunity to meet and gain valuable information from visitors from the world of work.

All subject areas in our school curriculum make links whenever possible with the work students complete during lessons, to the world of work.  The aim of this is not only to promote a wide range of career opportunities to all of our students but to make the learning relevant to them.  Having careers education embedded throughout our entire curriculum will ensure that students are consistently made aware of the skills needed in order to fulfil their career aspirations.

Work Place Visits

Individual subject areas within St Patrick’s regularly organise visits and off site activities to help expose our students to the world of work.  These opportunities again offer exciting opportunities for our students to increase the knowledge and understanding of the wide range of opportunities that are available to them and develop the skills they need to achieve their future ambitions.

Examples of visits that take place during the academic year are:

  • Hartlepool Power Station
  • The Farne Islands
  • The Clothes Show Live
  • Girls into engineering
  • Medical Challenge Days
  • Dentistry and Engineering

A basic copy of the outline of our Careers Education curriculum can be seen below.  However, this is a working document and can and will change term by term, for example:  Students will be given the opportunity to participate in a whole range of workplace visits that are made available throughout the academic year.

Careers Education Mapping 2018-19