Tutor Time Reading

Developing the habit of reading is crucial. Daily reading of a broad range of complex texts that the pupils may not otherwise have encountered is vital to generate an enthusiasm for reading whilst also increasing cultural capital.

Twice a week in tutor time we give pupils the opportunity to read a book aloud together. This means that pupils at St Patrick’s receive at least 40 minutes of reading during tutor as well as the expectation of reading across the curriculum.

In term 1, each tutor group has 30 copies of the same title and throughout the programme, pupils are expected to read sections from the book out loud using the ‘Control the Game’ technique (Doug Lemov). At the end of each term, the books that we have in school are collected and distributed to the next tutor group in sequence. By the end of the academic year, each pupil will have read at least three books. We have deliberately chosen titles that provide a challenge when reading, practice with more complex vocabulary and rich in cultural capital.