Lemov – “A public, meaningful read is one of the top muscle groups of top-performing classrooms.”

At St Patrick’s Catholic College we use the technique of ‘control the game’ (Doug Lemov) when reading aloud with the pupils in class and during tutor time.

Research would suggest that reading challenging, complex texts aloud and at a fast pace in each lesson repositioned ‘poorer readers’ as ‘good readers’, giving them a more engaged uninterrupted reading experience over a sustained period. Average reading ages improved by 8.5 months for the groups overall and 16 months for the ‘poorer readers’.

‘Control the Game’ allows the Teacher to actively manage who reads what and for how long to maximise attention, expression and comprehension.

Through carefully planned expressive and accountable daily reading, teachers can systematically build students’ fluency, text comprehension, and love of reading in the face of challenge.