‘Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God…’

Matthew 6.33

At St Patrick’s Catholic College our aim is to provide a high-quality education based upon the teachings of Christ; where all pupils are valued members of our community and able to develop their talents to the full.

True Catholic education is concerned with academic success and is also about helping young people to grow and appreciate their worth and value. It is our responsibility to help pupils realise their dignity and discover their purpose.

We acknowledge that each person is a unique individual and strive to respect each individual irrespective of circumstance, gender, race or creed. We will encourage everyone to develop their unique personality and educate the whole person within a loving and caring Christian environment. To this end, we will promote a happy and caring environment within, which each individual can develop their potential to the full.

We will develop a culture of high expectation and high achievement; working to achieve this through a varied and stimulating learning environment, rich in opportunity. This is delivered through a curriculum that is relevant to the needs of our pupils and also considers local and national agendas, thus preparing them for life beyond St Patrick’s.

We also work to establish and maintain close links with the home and the parish; as well as working in partnership with and offering support to organisations and groups in the wider community.

We are a welcoming school, with honest and open communication, that works in co-operation with our parents and carers in an atmosphere of mutual respect and friendship.